Savage CTF Season 5 Reports

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Leg 2 : RTctf1ver2

The last game in Season 5 against the mighty UC...We had beat them convincingly the first leg but NEVER underestimate UC!

We fielded the same team as the 1st leg, Tasan defending the flag room, Spog(hpb) the Water entry & Diabolic(hpb) guarding the main Hall.  This left Luke, Spawny & Rude(hpb) to Quad hoe / Attack.
This was the first time Rude had played on his 28.8 modem since he got ISDN and despite a miserable con he still got off some amazing shots, Nice R00D!

It took 5" before our dependable 'flag hoe' Spawny got his first cap, then another after 15". Unlike the first leg, MiddleMan(hpb) had plenty of support from Roc & Rif at the Quad. This paid off with UC winning plenty of Quads to smash our defence with.   I must say Roc got off some nice rails too! (git).

After 20" MiddleMan captured after our base was wiped out and before we properly re-grouped they Quad rolled in again and MMan not only stole our flag, but to rub salt in the wound our STR tech!  Along with the Medi, this bolstered Bismark & Aqua's(hpb) defence.

A combined attack from UNR resulted in us taking the lead again with Spog capping & Spawn retrieving OUR Str!  Whilst both teams struggled to build up their defences, both main defenders ended up with the opposing teams flags...A stand off that certainly didn't suit UC at 2-3.  The whole of UC seemed to attack and Tas was mowed down... with 3" to go it was 3 all!

Roc whipped out of our base into the water with our flag but good ole Spog killed him whilst Luke grabbed UC's flag.  Would Luke do another last second Cap like the first leg? YES!  With 10 seconds to go he capped making it 4-3.

This was an exciting game which both teams enjoyed.  Well played UC & UNR!!   Thanks Obby for your demo :O)

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UNR vs BBC  853/10 vs 295/1

Leg 2 : SPOGctf1

BBC had made it very difficult for us in the first leg but we were all a bit more familiar with the map this time so let the battle commence....

UNR had Tasan defending the flag room, Insomniak(hpb) stationed around the RL, Diabolic(hpb) & Rude in midfield (Quad) and Spawny / Spog(hpb) attack.

Spawny made a couple of caps within the first 10 mins but it took a suprise Quad attack to retrieve our flag from an annoyed Shift to make it 3-0 after 15 mins.  I believe Shift complained he was lagged..which brings me on to the server ; It was bloody awful which ruined the game for me, Rude and a few of the BBC dudes :O(

This time UNR had better control of the Quad which was such a problem the first leg.

Spawny carried on his cap-fest but as the game carried on, BBC's attacks got beefed up and Numpty capped with 5 mins to go! Another big attack resulted in Nog nicking our STR but with a few minutes to go it was too late to make use of it.

BBC showed some excellent understanding of the level...Spawnys "spawny_bastard" demo shows him attempting to return to our base base with their flag..
Every exit / entry is blocked by Numpty, Termite, Killermal, +MattyCake, Nog & Shift!   But Spawny being the cTf god he is (Yes Spawn I am complimenting U ya dog!) made it back
and capped as the audible 10 sec timer struck 0 (phew!..ya Spawny Bas!)

Despite the crap cons, BBC kept their heads and played well. Tas complained afterwards that he sometimes had too much assistance in the base (;OP Spog) but better too much support than not enough!
Well played UNR, a good 10-1 victory.

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UNR vs APO 1844/22 vs 413/1

Leg 2 : Capture Showdown

The first leg APO had defended hard but to little avail..this time they appeared to go for a stronger attacking team.

UNR had Tasan / Spog(hpb) defending the flag and Diabolic(hpb) defending the RL entry. This left Yakumo(hpb), Rude & Spawny to attack.

Shortly after the game kicked off UNR got their first cap. we soon got more than our fair share of Techs, even when we lost 'em they were soon won back.

As the game progressed and UNR's score was rising, APO seemed to go for all out attacks. It was amazing in our base as the fps went down to 1 during these mighty battles!   MD, mrZEE and kia's attacks finally paid off when Amadeus's co-defender MrPink finally managed to capture our flag with 1 minute to go!

The game finished at 22-1 to UNR. A truly frantic game, a great time was had by all!

Unusually I have included my recently fixed pov demo of this game..Laugh at the lag! Admire the skills ;OP Nick our Binds!  Enjoy...

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UNR vs NKVD 352/0 vs 653/3

Leg 2 : Outlands

The first leg had seen UNR manage a 1-0 win defending the Lower Blue base....This time it was our turn to defend the Red. We were confident we could at least force a draw, if not win ;O)

UNR had Tasan defending the Red flag & Luke the RL entry.  A new tactic was tried after witnessing NKVD's fondness of the BFG (first leg).. Diabolic(hpb) was put on water entry/bfg guard.  This left Rude, Spawny & Spog(hpb) to try and get down that damn tunnel!

As the game started, Bluffy got first quad but was splattered by D at the Bfg. Meanwhile it soon emerged that BigDom had been placed by the Railgun.  Throughout the game Bigdom almost totally controlled this position with some excellent rail skills (I'm told he uses no other wep!). If things got too hot in this entry area, he was always helped out by by at least two team mates.  If our attackers managed to get past this choke point they had Silicon(hpb) & K'Wolf to deal with in defence.

After 10 mins a Quad BFG attack by Fluffy, MAn00k & Bluffy resulted in NKVD's first cap and the loss of our STR tech... NKVD now had all the runes :O(

Tas ordered Luke forward to assist in the battle around the Rail. Unfortunately Fluffy managed another cap 17 mins into the game. Fluffy played exceedingly well with some excellent railing! Although UNR had control of the BFG area most of the game, NKVD were getting BFG's from kills and attacked / returned primarily from the less defended RL entry / exit.

With 8 mins to go fluffy managed another cap. Tasan just couldn't continuously fight off attacks on his 0wn but he certainly clocked up plenty of frags!

At this stage, Diabolic also pushed up forward to assist at the Rail / Quad area.   UNR managed to compromise NKVD's base and poor ole MAn00k was prevented from capping inches from his flag (nice work Spog!).  Rude managed to get out the tunnel with the flag but was fragged.. Diabolic picked it up with the Medi and started grappling back to the base.. A quick 180 meant losing his pursuers around the BFG and he made it back to the base via the RL. Unknown to D, Bluffy was waiting inside our flag chamber and point blank BFG'd him moments before fluffy was killed and our flag was returned..sooo close! (Damn BFG!!).

NKVD's base was ours and Rude started heading back with the flag as the game finished. We felt another 5 mins and we may have made a come back!

NKVD played exceptionally well and both teams thoroughly enjoyed the game. Nice one NKVD, nice try UNR!

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UNR vs BYC   494/1 vs 876/8

Leg 2 : The Mixer

BYC had beat us first leg 6-4, so we were looking forward to this second leg..We now had a stronger cTf team with the help of Flex!
Due to Yaku on holiday & Insomniak in the process of moving
house, UNR could only raise 2 hpb's...
Facts :
1) BYC refused to postpone the game.
2) BYC could have played 4 LPB's.
Not all the BYC players were happy with this but they forced UNR
to play with 5 players and this, although within the rules, was
TOTALLY LAME and un-sporting. Shame on you Mepei.

BYC had DirtyD(hpb) doing an excellent job defending with the STR
along side Sandman & Mapei.
This left Che, Zen(hpb) & Archimed to attack which they constantly
did. Che seemed to get many of his captures by a lightning fast
respawn above our flag & grapple out the front exit. Again Che's
ability was a credit to his team. Zen(hpb) also showed some excellent
UNR had Tasan in our flag room, Diabolic(hpb) on the Quad and Luke
below the RL. This left Flex & Spog(hpb) to attack.
No matter how hard UNR fought, we couldn't hold on to any Techs we
won due to the constant pressure, but we made BYC work hard for their
captures...this shows in the final score.
Against all the odds, Spog(hpb) managed a cap (nice one dude!) and
also managed to hold out until 10 seconds before the end when Che got
BYC's 8th cap.
Despite the uneven teams this was an excellent game with BYC showing
some nice CtF skills and UNR putting up a gutsy performance which I
for one was proud of.
The final score was 8-1 to BYC. Well played UNR.

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UNR vs DS   7 vs 2

Leg 2 : Stronghold Opposition

After the first leg, DS were out to prove that the last game was no example to what they can usually achieve... We were happy to again play Robin Hoods merry men..

No changes in UNRs defence team.. Insomniak(hpb) patrolling the base & Tasan in the flag Room. Diabolic(veryhpb) & Spog(hpb) were on Quad/Assist duty whilst Luke & Flex were attack.

After 2" a message came up saying [DS]LJ had made the first capture! I saw nothing of this for one and Tasans 'wtf' message repeated my thoughts!
It appeared DS had started with a generous helping of Runes so our team set about stealing 'em & redistributing 'em! (sound familiar DS? :o)
After 10" Luke mananged to get 'Tasans Rune' (the STR ;o).... UNR very quickly gained all the Runes and started to cap.
At about half way through disaster struck! The server was accidentally reset and we had to start over, losing our hard fought over Runes!
The game restarted with 20" to play. It was difficult to see DS's positions as they were darting about but I did notice Nasir in his fave Rail position!
Much(hpb) seemed the main man in defence with WScarlet, Bull(hpb), RobinHood(hpb) & LJ sharing mid/attack.
After a while we managed to obtain more of the Runes and 3 caps.
With 6" to go, RobinHood answered with a cap of his own.

After the first leg it would have been nice to get a better server but it was pretty poor imo but both teams carried on without complaint. The server reset kept the scores lower than it may have been but DS regained their self-respect and we gained an overall 7-2 win this time. Cheers DS, well played UNR.

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UNR vs SR   1280/13 vs 510/4

Leg 2 : Mckinley Revival

Nomad, who played so well the first leg was absent for the second…never mind I’m
sure well play the big guy under his other aliases again many times ;O)

For this game our usual chief defender Tasan was unavailable but hard luck SR, we
got Rude in his place! Along side Rude was Yakumo(hpb) on Main Ramp duty &
‘grenade meister’ Spog(hpb) keeping an eye out on the other entries/exits.

As the game started Flex grabbed the Quad and he must have killed most of the SR
team in the preceding minute! Meanwhile our other attacker Spawny made a very fast
capture. UNR held the Quad for the first 5” making a total of 3 captures before SR
gained Quad control and Bob got a capture.

My personal favourite capture came after 10” when Flex was killed by Bob in
midfield whilst carrying the flag. The lucky dog only respawned right next to the flag
and finished the cap ; SpawnyMkII !!

SR’s defence team of Nighthawk, Diddyman & DragnoratH were caught by surprise
more than once by some Quad grapple entries by Flex/Diabolic. Meanwhile some
nice grappling skills from PurpleMagic & Slarti, earned the latter a capture making 7-
2 halfway through the game.

As the final 10” approached, Diddyman killed Flex in our base, only to see Flex’s
carcass land on our flag and capture! That guy must have sold his soul to CHE to
obtain his luck! (He says its UNReal skillzz if you ask ;OP ) Instead of giving up, SR
swamped the mid and our base BFG’s a blazing… Slarti made his 2nd capture and
Nighthawk another.

By a strange coincidence the game finished as it started…Flex going mad by the Quad
with his SSG (score hoar he he). The Server was ok most of the time. Well done
UNR, a good team effort! Thanks SR for a spirited battle.
Final Score 13-4.

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UNR vs UC  1607/19 vs 150/0

Leg 1 : RTctf1ver2

RTctf is a great map for Railing..Unfortunately for UC we had both Luke & Rude available with Flex sitting in reserve!
As the game started, Tasan grabbed his trusty STR tech for defending our flag room
and Spog(hpb) was placed defending the water pipe entry,
Diabolic(hpb) the main hall.

Rude and Luke soon got to grips with controlling the Quad, usually against a lone Middleman(hpb). The demos show some excellent stealth dodging between the pillars by MM but he stood little chance against the two of them.

UC had much better luck in defence...Bismark & Aqua(hpb) were trying out a new tactic that proved deadly for the first part of the was called 'Haste Grenade spamming the entrance'! It was funny to watch them hiding under the stairs firing grenades like machine gun bullets at the door!

All of our initial Quad attacks were flattened until Spawny's trusty grapple paid off. He grabbed the flag & the Medi tech and we had our first capture after 7".
The next two captures were made by Rude with 14 health & Luke with only 7h!

Rifleman(hpb) got some nice rail sniping going but UNR started to build up the captures whilst our defence team stayed solid.

As the game progressed the Haste, Disruptor & Medi techs started to swap teams but Tas stubbornly held on to his STR until the last 10". It was 13-0 to UNR so UC decided to bolster their attack force of MM & Slv with Roc.

An all out attack resulted in Slave grabbing our flag and the STR, but Rude managed to cut him off in the water..a close one!

One of the funnier attacks was Rude quad hyperblasting the whole of UC dead before his flag run was finally cut down. He then captured and with 28 seconds left, Luke grabbed their flag...It took him 27 seconds to cap!

The server wasn't too bad..I only phone jacked for a few minutes this time!
Thanks UC for the game, well done UNR for a 19-0 victory.

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UNR vs BBC   682/6 vs 298/2

Leg 1 : SPOGctf1

This was the first time UNR had ever played SPOGctf as a team, some have not played it at all!
UNR played two main defenders, Tasan in the base & Rude on the main ramp. BBC also opted for two defenders, Willow & Brunny(HPB)....unfortunately for UNR with the Medi & Str techs respectively!
If that wasn't bad enough, mEsP had the Disruptor shield and used it very effectively by capping within a few minutes.
The only Tech UNR managed to get was the Haste but Flex's gamble of quickly trying to retrieve our flag didn't pay off and BBC grabbed that too!

After a few battles, Flex grabbed the Haste back and Spawny obtained the Disruptor Shield, capping and equalling the score after 8".
Another attack on BBC's base resulted in Spawny winning the STR....unfortunately things weren't all roses in midfield...

BBC's mid/attack force of mEsP, GrOiN, Termite & Nog(HPB) were timing the Quads and all meeting under the bridge as it respawned. Even if Flex or Diabolic(HPB) did manage to win it they were usually very low on health as a result of the onslaught. Only when Spog(HPB) started to help out in this area did UNR get better control of the Quad.

One of BBC's many Quad attacks resulted in Nog grabbing our flag & Termite the STR. We managed to retrieve the tech quickly but it took a surprise Quad ambush by Spog to wear down Nogs Medi tech enough to return our flag....2 caps followed and it was 3-1 to UNR with 13" left to play.

BBC's next attack was excellent. Bluffys demo shows Termite successfully hiding from Tasan by crouching behind the boxes in the water whilst a Quadded Nog won the flag and capped.

In the final 10", UNR managed to gain control of all the techs and Spawn / Flex made a few more captures. The game finished 5-2...BBC had put up an excellent fight but UNR, despite a few connection problems experienced by their modemers, won a deserving victory.

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UNR vs APO 1618/22 v 380/0

Leg 1 : Capture Showdown

Recently reintroduced after a long absence it was Capture Showdown.. one of my favourite maps.. as long as you have the FPS to support it!

A slight change around for UNR, poor ole Luke & Flex had to sit out (:OP ha ha) partly due to the 3LPB limit and partly to give some of the other players a chance to play!
Back after decorating leave, Insomniak(hpb) was back in defence with Tasan in the Flag area. Diabolic(hpb) was floating around the RL area with Yakumo(hpb), Spawny & Finn in attack.

As the game kicked off it soon became apparent that APO meant business when it came to defence. Although Finn managed a capture after 3" (shortly after Spawny managed to steal the STR from their base), future attacks were soon quashed by a 4-5 man defence. APO's main defenders were Amadeus, MrPink(hpb) & Ferret with mrZEE(hpb) & Greml:n(hpb) hanging around the corridors near their base.
This usually left poor ole MadDog to attack alone!

For the next 13" APO, 1 nil down, still played defensively but UNR were not going to settle for 1-0....
Tasan instructed Insomniak to attack, leaving UNR's base solely defended by Tasan & Diabolic. It was a gamble but boy did it pay off!
Some excellent grappling skills from Inso broke the deadlock, making it 2-0 after 13".
The extra man in attack improved our chances in their base, giving Spawny, Yakumo, Finn and Inso regular caps. Only once did APO wipe out our base and Ferret grabbed our flag. Unfortunately for him, UNR took over their base so the flag was returned in a short time, whilst our defence quickly regrouped (if you can call 2 a group!).

One memorable moment was Inso getting mowed down with the flag in our RL ramp by MadDog. Unfortunately before he could return the flag he blew up against Diabolic and Tas completed the Cap. Hard luck MadDog!

Server-wise, MrPink briefly overflowed and Diabolic locked up for 4". A lot of FPS lag was noticed in APO's base, Amadeus's constant use of the hyperblaster may have contributed to this but we fought on.

At full time it was 22-0 to UNR. Many have said CTF5 requires a large defence but we rose to the challenge and were rewarded. Well done UNR and thanks APO for a great game.

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UNR vs NKVD 344/1 vs 265/0

Leg 1 : Outlands

Back to the original Outlands.. A level I love! Lets hope those pesky dogs (NKVD)
don’t remember where the BFG is!

As the game started, Yakumo freefloated to the Red base and what a sight for sour
eyes..SiLiCon(hpb), K’Wolf & Fluffy lined up with BFG’s a’ready! NKVD’s sub
Hornet commented that they were adamant UNR would not get past this wall of steel!

UNR’s defence team of Tasan & Spog(hpb) started with the Haste & Medi Runes,
NKVD had the Disruptor & STR (doh!).

One of Bluffy & Manooks more successful attacks won them the Medi Rune after 10”
and NKVD were just edging ahead on frags..their 3 man BFG defence was proving
lethal to Flex & Spawny, UNR’s attackers. If that wasn’t bad enough, BigDom was
controlling the RL/PowerShield area with precise timing…Diabolic(veryHPB) was
only able to get one PS back to base where as NKVD had plenty to go round!

Meanwhile Rude was on Railgun/Quad duty, making life very difficult for NKVD’s
After 17” of nil nil stalemate, Spawny & Flex launched a Quadded BFG attack and
wiped out NKVD’s defence (:OP he he). Not only did Flex grab the flag but he also
snapped up the Medi Rune that proved invaluable on the way back…
Yakumos demo shows Flex being chased by the whole of NKVD back to our base!
With 14” to go it was 1-0 to UNR. I must say a special ‘big up’ to Flex for a truly
outstanding capture!

Meanwhile, back in the Red base, Diabolic strolled in and couldn’t believe his defence and the STR rune sitting in the tunnel! The fastest panic sticken
grapple back possible meant UNR now had the STR, Medi & Haste.

After some blubbing due to an awful con, Diabolic was subbed by Yakumo who
managed to wrestle RL area domination away from BigDom…unfortunately
BigDoms timing still meant Yaku only managed to get 1 PS back to base on 3health!

In the last 10” of the game, NKVD tried some bigger attacks, Bluffy getting half way
up the tunnel at one stage. UNR’s mid pulled back to cope and the game finished 1-0
to UNR. Not an exciting game on a pretty poor server but well played UNR and
NKVD….Look forward to the 2nd leg!

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UNR vs BYC 698/4 vs 992/6

Leg 1 : The Smelter

Rumours were rife before the game…. apparently Che, Flex and Will Scarlet had
joined BYC (gulp!). The only thing we had confirmed from Che was that he wasn’t
When we joined the server there he was ... that crafty dog Che had fed my spy with
false information and was playing! Luckily, although Flex & Will were present, it
was only in an Admin capacity to make some great demos!

It was a worrying line up from BYC….Hive & Che attacking, Sandman covering their
Quad, other defenders Dirty D(hpb) & Mapei, ARCHIMED(hpb) in mid.

The game kicked off with a swift attack from Che & Hive… this was repelled by
UNR’s defence team of Tasan in the Red Flag Chamber, Diabolic(hpb) at the Quad &
Rude at the RL. We started off with the Haste & Medi Techs and I assume BYC had
the STR & Shield. As usual the techs played a large part in the way the game went.

[UNR]Luke made our first capture after 4”. After a quadded Spog(hpb) killed Arch
and returned our flag, Luke made a second 10” into the match. Spawny, UNR’s
second attacker, got gunned down in our base with the flag but Rude completed the
run giving UNR a 3-0 lead at 11”. In football the game should have been ‘all over’
but this was CTF against BYC!

BYC overrun our base and made 2 captures within 4”. Then after a nice STR
mugging at the mixer by Arch, the flag was returned and it was 3 all!
BYC showed how good teamwork blocking the choke points when your flag is taken
is a very difficult nut to crack. Even so, some nice grappling from Spawny put UNR
back ahead after 26” at 4-3.

Next Che had a strike of luck…after a major battle above our flag he ran past our
quad at the second it respawned … Spawny, carrying the flag, grappled up though the
upper entry right in front of him. Bang! It was 4 ALL!
By this time BYC had control of most of the techs, making it very difficult for us to
get their flag. Their base was locked up tight with a heavy STR defence bolstered by
Sandman making 100% use of the Quads.

With our team trying to rearm and recover our base, BYC made two quick captures in
the last 5” of the game. Flex put up the message ‘1 min to go’ and we knew BYC had
it. It was an excellent game with many heavy battles. In the end it was won by
BYC’s excellent CTF teamwork for which I congratulate them. My final comment
will be a quote from Flex, BYC may have won but I quote ‘both predator movies
sucked’ ;OP

 Screenshot    -    Results

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UNR vs DS 2342/33 vs 91/0

Leg 1 : Stronghold Opposition

Up against our old rivals again..The Defenders of Sherwood on Stronghold

UNR put up its usual defence team..Tasan in the flag Room and Insomniak(hpb)
patrolling the base. Unfortunately Tas was late in arriving to the server and the game
had already started with Yakumo(hpb) making our first capture as he stepped in!

DS started with Bull(hpb) & Azeem in defence. The rest of the team, Will Scarlet,
Will(hpb), Little John(hpb) & Robin Hood, seemed to all be in mid field as the Quad
respawned! This made life somewhat difficult for Diabolic(hpb) who was supposed
to be keeping an eye on this area! Robin Hood had the rail sniper job but deservedly
got shot in the back many times for his troubles!

As the game progressed, Spawny, Flex, Yakumo & Diabolic started to build up our
caps, about half way through it was 12-0 but then a few problems started to surface…
After a few lockups by Inso & Diab, Diabolic disconnected and couldn’t get back in
for 8”! The server had been pretty poor and the DS guys were getting annoyed with
their connections…DS started team talking and Azeem left the server. Most of DS
carried on and Nasir joined the server to take over in defence.

Special respect to Will who managed to grab out flag 3 times against all odds..UNR
had won most of the Techs and Tas had that damn Amp!
Unfortunately for Will, DS’s defence was pretty not existent in the last stages of the
game thus he couldn’t cap.
The game finished 33-0, UNR had played very well and DS had seemed to have given
up in the latter stages of the game.

After the game I believe there was some ill feeling from some of DS against us about
connections…We cannot be blamed for a poor server. If you lag out near somebody
it is usually because they have a better PC/Connection (i.e.fps) than you and that’s
where Quake 2 is unfair..even on a LAN(PC). I know how annoyed they must have
been because I have been in the same position many times. Respect to DS for cooling
down and staying sweet with us after :O)

 Screenshot    -    Results

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UNR vs SR 1274/14 vs 350/2

Leg 1 : Mckinley Revival

The first game in Season 5 was late coming for UNR as SR were unavailable the first week and most of our players were unavailable due to Euroquake the second. We hadn't played CTF as a team since Savage Season 4 at the end of January ! To make things harder, we were up against SR on McKinney Revival...

UNR's team consisted of Tasan & Rude both LPB in defence, Diabolic(HPB) in midfield with Luke(LPB), Yakumo & Spog attacking armed with modems!

Nomad grabbed the STR rune and quickly attacked our base..when he failed to get our flag he headed back home but our midfield killed him and we had the STR.:O)
SR's attack force of Nomad(LPB) & PurpleMagic(HPB) launched some excellent grapple attacks and captured within 3", then after 5". UNR were 2-0 down and I for sure was worried...we were out of practice and needed to get down to business quickly. Although not capping, UNR had been tactically obtaining Runes for longer-term dominance.
SR normally had slarti(LPB) doing a fine job covering the Quad/BFG, and 3 defenders consisting of Bob(HPB), Dragnora(HPB) and Nighthawk(LPB).

A joint attack involving Spog and Luke resulted in Yakumo making UNR's most important first capture after 8", we were underway at last!
Luke and Spog made a few more caps until it was stalemate at 5-2 to UNR, with both flags out and SR defending heavily. We thought the grid lock was broken when Luke killed the flag carrier but he died on top of the flag and they managed to keep it! This annoyed our Luke so he charged the base and bloody-mindedly mowed down the flag carrier and the12" stand-off was over!
Luke carried out some excellent attacks, quiet often grabbing a bonus Rune as well as the flag. Pleasingly, often there was joint attacks involving our 4 non-defenders.
After 33" Nomad managed to grapple past Rudes excellent railing and the killing machine known as Tasan. He got within a few steps of capping when a quadded Luke spoilt his plans....Luke returned the flag, grabbed theirs and the usual Rune for his troubles!
Often one of SR's attackers would splash around in our tunnel to distract our defence. Rather amusingly more than once Tasan jumped down and they splashed no more
:OP he-he.
The game finished at UNR 14, SR 2.

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