Quake 2

September 2007:

In January 2003 I added to this site all the archive material I could find for Quake 2 clan UNREAL's league games for Death Match (DM) in the UKCCL / Q2CL and Capture the Flag (CTF) in the Savage League. There's also a few friendlies.

Originally I had links to my extensive demo collection that were hosted via ftp on the now defunct Barrysworld (thanks Bigfoot for your help). I tried working with LJ to make the demos available on Savage but nothing ever came of it. They remain stored on CD.

UNR CTF History:

Clan UNREAL [UNR] has always been predominantly a DM team but entered Savage Q2CTF after some persuasion from yours truly! We always did very well, as the seasons continued finding it more chalenging against the specialist CTF teams.
My demo collection includes some of the classic names in Savage CTF...
BYC, BBC, NKVD, UC, APO, DS, eXe, SS, SR, Spooks, UKF, RSC, TJD, Abfab, HSF, CO, LE, NME, ROK, DW, CK, CBSI (plus all those I have left out).

Watching some of these old demos reminds me of some of the old newsclips you see of old football matches from the 'oldern days'... Q2ctf skill/grapple levels are so much higher now and don't forget.. we were all on modems in those days and the Savage servers were far worst than they are now!

When Quake3 Arena came out a clan decision was made to leave Quake2 (mid season 8) and nobody including me wanted to play Q3CTF because imnsho it sucked (wot no grapple?).

I no longer play Q2CTF or my beloved Q3 Classic CTF (The best from QW, Q2 & Q3 CTF - with a grapple and techs). I played in Q3CCTF leagues inc Savage league with nAo until Quake 3's eventual demise. I tried Quake 4 but the code was awful so I gave up gaming.

My demos have been distributed for enjoyment, please don't use them for anything but that.
Thanks to clanUnreal members both past and present (especially Yakumo).

The website may not be much to look at ... Its just been thrown together to provide you with as much info as I could sort out and upload. Any errors or 'meat on the bones' info you can give will enable me to improve the accuracy of the site.

Former UNR Members:

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